Free Comic Book Day Preview.

May 2nd, 2015 go to your local comic shop and celebrate Free Comic Book day. Just one day after the opening day of Avengers 2: Age of Ultron, comes FCBD 2015. This will be my third year doing this and I have a few friends tagging along this time. This will also be the first year I will be in costume as the Joker. I’ll leave a link at the bottom of this blog so you can find local comic shop near you so you can join in on the fun.

I’ll leave a list of Comics I would like to get on this day. Also here is the link for all the free comics this year.

Dark Circle #1

Fight Club

DC: Divergence

Secret Wars #0

Avengers #1

And Then Emily Was Gone

Wonderland Special Edition

Hatter M: Love of Wonder

Steampunk Goldilocks

World of Aspen 2015

Legendary Comics Sampler

Are you going to be there, what are your plans for it, find out where your nearest shop is here. What comics are you looking forward too, and are you going to see Avengers 2?


AAW Pro Wrestling Presents: Take No Prisoners

Tonight May 1st, 2015 AAW Wrestling presents Take No Prisoners in Merrionette Park, Illinois.

I haven’t been going to AAW as much as some of the people who go, but after the first time I went I have been hooked and tonight is going to be one heck of an event. Tonight is the where new champs will be crowned, old faces reappear, and the changing of the guard may begin. As of right now this is how the card is stacked (in no order.)

CJ Parker vs “The Ego” Ethan Page

CJ Parker makes himself known back in his old stomping grounds after his time in WWE’s developmental program NXT, when he was there I was glad to see someone from Illinois there, I am a huge NXT mark and what it regularly, but whenever CJ Parker came out I felt bad cause you knew he was booster talent and would get smashed by whoever came out, the only time I thought CJ Parker was awesome was his match against Kevin Owens (formally Kevin Steen) where he broke his nose with his palm thrust finish. From what I hear from Indy fans CJ is an amazing athlete and I hope to see it tonight against Ethan Page. And speaking of “The Ego” will Ethan Page be able to come back after his defeat to Eddie Kingston and not winning the AAW Championship like he stated he would, is CJ Parker going to boost his Ego or will CJ Parker come out on top.

Ryan Boz vs Justice Jones

I haven’t seen much of either of these two athletes, at my first AAW eventĀ  Ryan Boz beat Justice Jones and his two friends down, Justice Jones seems to be a good heel with good heat from his two “managers” and Boz seems to be out for blood.

OI4K (c) vs Zero Gravity

Two amazing team, four amazing athletes who will come out on top. At the first show I saw of AAW OI4K (formally known as Irish Airbourne) were hype out the wazoo everyone one said wait until you see these guys and Zero G more hype, and they weren’t lying. The high flying, the crazy spot that made me stop and think “HOLY SH*T they are dead.” Even friends who aren’t wrestling fans were like that after watching videos from YouTube. I am a huge fan of both teams so choosing a winner will be difficult.

Davey Richards vs Tommaso Ciampa

I’ve seen Davey Richards on TV with TNA Impact with his tag team the American Wolves, I’ve seen him wrestling in some matches in Japan as well and I can’t wait to see him live and in person, and Ciampa his a mad man, in his match against Tommy End last month I think he did so real damage to the guy we’ll see how this plays out.

Allysin Kay vs Heidi Lovelace

After Allysin screwed Heidi out of her title victory last month this will be a real war between two women, Heidi is insane and it amazing, and the whole “Gangster” gimmick for Allysin is funny (pinkies up) I hope Heidi wins and gets another title shot soon.

Johnny Gargano vs Chris Sabin

After Candice LeRae told the audience Chris Sabin had a little penis, he has some choice words for her after the match but Mr. Wrestling himself Johnny Gargano stepped in and challenged Chris Sabin to a match, Johnny is a very good guy and can do some amazing feats, this should be an entertaining match.

Eddie Kingston (c) vs Samoa Joe vs Josh Alexander

The match between Joe and Alexander was amazing Eddie Kingston on the other hand not as good as I think he can, in his last couple of matches he hasn’t really shown me what he can do as Champion in this company, with a win over Silas Young and Ethan Page, not that impressed so I see this coming down to Joe and Alexander to make this match shine I see Alexander getting the win and having a feud with his friend “The Ego” Ethan Page.

Also scheduled to be there tonight:

Matt Cage

Silas Young

Candice LeRae


Shane Hollister

Tyson Dux

Christian Faith

Louis Lyndon

Davey Vega

Tony Kozina

Since Christian Faith will be there and Louis Lyndon I hope Louis get another shot at the Heritage Championship, he is a hard worker and an amazing guy. Also seeing ACH wrestling in anything will be awesome GO GO ACH GO GO ACH.

I’ll give the results in another post early tomorrow or late tonight.

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